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Colonialist Legacies is proud to unveil our latest project - the modded first fully animated and fully voiced 3D leaderscreen in Civilization V!

The full new and improved Australia Mod complete with this leaderscreen and all new abilities will be available for download on January 26th 2015.

~100k views as of September 2016

Civilization Facebook

First fully animated and fully voiced 3D leader mod for Civilization V has arrived, courtesy of Colonist Legacies. Meet Henry Parkes of Australia in the trailer below. 

Reddit - /r/Canada

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Rock Paper Shotgun

Meet Frankensteined World Leader In Civilization V Mod.

The inimitable forces behind Colonialist Legacies have gone and Frankenstein-ed together something audaciously lovely: a fully animated, fully voiced 3D leader screen for their Civilization V mod pack. 


Civilisation V's Aussie Mod Now Has A Fully-Realised Henry Parkes, And It's Awesome.

If you’re a Civ player, you may remember that last year an enterprising Steam modder created an Australian mod which added our great nation into the game. Now, a year later, fearless leader Henry Parkes finally has a voice.


PC Power Play

New mod for Civ V lets you play as Kimberley Aboriginals.

Fight back against colonial oppression!


The Official /r/civ Battle Royale

The Battle Royale Mk.II is an immense game; probably the largest game in scope and size ever to be run in Civilization V and is run by TPangolin. Featuring many Colonialist Legacies civs voted in by fans - It's been featured everywhere from Firaxicon to Podcasts, Radio to even Sid Meier himself. Released consistently for a year to promote the modding community, the game features narrations from the community whose professions range from Screenwriters, to school-teachers, to high-school kids.

It additionally has it's own 10K strong subreddit filled with adoring fans and a dumbfounding amount of Original Content including art, short stories, newspapers, stock exchanges, rap battles, comics and even an upcoming novel adaptation.