Features Overview

Nebuchadnezzar stood beneath the flickering light in the command room. "Up to the air!" He bellowed. It had been a long time. Far too long. Time was running out. Again. How many times had he done this? He'd lost count. But one thing he knew was certain. The prophecies told him that the times were running out. He'd have one, maybe two or three more chances to find the true ruler of mankind, in order to fulfill the prophecy and save the world.

50 Civilizations - 12 Nation-States - One Winner

So what's going to make the Civilization Battle Royale Mk. III the best A.I Game in Civ History? Here's a brief overview.



A 24/7 Livestreamed Event

Utilising the Cloud Gaming Servers generously provided to us by LiquidSky, the Civilization Battle Royale Mk. III will be livestreamed in it's entirety. After hundreds of hours of testing, we're confident in the notion that delivering a stable livestream is extremely feasible.

We've also made many efforts to ensure that viewing the Battle Royale is an extremely watchable event: Combat Animations have been turned on (which allows for the camera to focus on some amazing battles), the mini-map has been enlarged - and most notably, the camera will always jump to the most recently founded city. These features however are only the tip of the iceberg, as many tiny adjustments have been made so that the viewing experience is unparalleled.

Livestreaming an entire game is extremely ambitious, and if issues occur we'll always be on standby to load up the game from the latest save. 

Live Data Visualisation - The 'All Seeing Eye'

One of the most exciting features in this iteration of the Battle Royale is the implementation of the custom 'All Seeing Eye' Live Data Visualisation component by Koalmar. Using information gathered from the game, Twitch users will be able to instantly request specific information about the game (and will have this information delivered to the user via a Twitch message).

For example, if a user types in !ASE [Civ Name], the All Seeing Eye account lists the following information:
- Leader
- Current Capital (+ World Ranking)
- Owned Capitals (+ World Ranking)
- Military Manpower (+ World Ranking)
- Nation-State Allies
- Number of Cities (+ World Ranking)
- Land Area (+ World Ranking)
- Technologies (+ World Ranking)
- Science Output (+ World Ranking)
- Manufactured goods (+ World Ranking)

The ASE can also tell users a top 10 in who's winning in the fields of Military Manpower, Social Policies, Cities Owned, Land Owned, Science, Production, the number of owned capitals etc.

The CBR Knockout Fund - Relevant Charitable Donations

Civ V AI Games doing good for the world, who'd have thought? - Ed Beach

One of the strengths of the CBR in general is the increased understanding and awareness of cultures and ethnicities that people were just previously unaware or even dismissive of. However, there is a clear differentiation between just raising awareness and making positive contributions! 

So once again, we're bringing back the concept of Charitable Donations. In the first iteration of the Civ Battle Royale, whenever a Civilization was knocked out of the game - accumulated funds up until that point were donated to a charity relating to that culture. For the MK. III, we intend to continue this trend. More information will become available as we get closer to the launch date!

Donators will gain access to additional features of the S.S Observer (the Twitch User Controlled Camera), will be featured on the livestream itself, alongside more Twitch Emojis and additional flairs.

Twitch User Controlled Camera - The 'S.S Observer'

Another exciting feature is the 'S.S Observer' Twitch User Controlled Camera component scripted by Link. Users on Twitch will be able to have a very tangible effect in regards to how they view the world. 

The way this works is as follows: Every 5-10 seconds the S.S Observer will scan that chat looking for as many typed !zoom in and !zoom out commands as has been posted in that timeframe. If the majority of users within that timeframe want the game to zoom out/in, rather than in then the game will zoom out/in by a factor of one.

Donators to the CBR Knockout Fund and Subscribers on Twitch will have access to experimental controls like camera rotation (ala Civ VI) and can jump to specific locations on the map.

Community Patch - Significantly Improved Artificial Intelligence

Civilization V is now over half a decade old, and in that time many AI mods have graced the modding scene. None however, have been quite so comprehensive as the Community Patch AI by Gazebo. This Patch not only incorporates every great aspect of AI mods that preceded it, but also adds a veritable plethora of it's own AI performance changes without changing any of the balance.

Witnessing Civilizations go about their wars in real-time with the Community Patch AI installed is a sight to behold in and of itself.

The CBR Mk. III will be running an altered version of the Community Patch that allows for 51 Civilizations, and 12 Minor Civs. It also incorporates the Battle Royale Data mod by Be1eriand which serves as the basis for the A.S.E Live Data Visualiser

User Driven Game Inclusion - A True Community Game!

For the Official Civ Battle Royale Mk. III, Nebuchadnezzar II has mandated that the world be filled with 50 Major Civilizations and 12 Minor Civilizations. In order to fulfil this task and maintain some semblance of balance, our chief strategists have divided the world into 31 different regions, each containing up to 16 Civilizations to choose from. Every day, for the next week or so we will be announcing an average of four regions. The day after a region is announced, it will undergo a 48 Hour voting period. There will also be additional Polls for civs with multiple leaders to choose from, and for Minor Civ inclusions.

In addition to this, we have the talented map maker Lungora on board the project. At this stage, we've already created a heavily altered world map based around geographic accuracy (and flair) and balanced Civ distribution. However with the map will constantly be changing to reflect both community input and the final line-up of civilizations.


City-States Evolved - Nation-States

At first glance it may seem like there are less Civs in this iteration of the Battle Royale than there was in the Battle Royale Mk. II. But never fear, the 'Nation-States' in the Mk.III aren't your regular garden variety of City-State. We're running a battery of mods that not only makes Nation-States more aggressive and self-sufficient, but allows them to settle multiple cities. Nation-States gain a unique Leader, City-List and Unique Improvements/Units based on the Civilization the community chooses.

Why are we doing this? Previous iterations of the BR didn't have City-States, and this meant that any nation with a City-State bonus was a bad choice for inclusion. In the Mk. III, these City-States will give their allies bonuses, the ability to build their uniques, ensuring that the City-States will be distinctive, powerful, and impact the game


Insanely Fleshed Out Information Era - Future Worlds

Future Worlds by BouncyMischa is a marvel to behold. Adding 31 new technologies and 31 new units ranging from Sub-Orbital Bombers to Hovertanks, Supercarriers and Bio-Titans - Future Worlds adds a ridiculous amount of balanced variety to the late game.

Although it'll take a while for the game to reach this stage, there's a significant amount to look forward to in this mod. (Bio-drones, Robot Infantry, Dinosaurs, Mutants, Cybersubs, Hydroponic Domes - I could go on, but there's too many things to discuss!)


...It's the Goddamn Official Civ Battle Royale

Many of you at this stage are probably still wondering what the hell makes Battle Royale even enjoyable in the slightest - it's just an A.I Game right? After all there must be a reason it's been the subject of both University projects and lectures, podcasts and radio spots, and has been featured heavily by the Firaxis Devs (and Sid Meier himself) alongside a cavalcade of news articles...

The fact is that everyone gets something completely different out of the Battle Royale. For some it's the strong sense of community in the subreddit and  the rivalry between the civs you've chosen to support. For others it's about the thousands of stories that come out of an immersive game world which has developed to the point where it's politics and backstabbing are more interesting and stupidly complex than in the real world. Some create art, some create newspapers, some even create entire novels.  Others participate in Stock Exchanges, Rap Battles, writing/vexillological competitions, or intense analysis of in-game events. Others simply just love to shitpost. Whoever you are, the CBR will more than likely have something to tickle your fancy.

Tons of other interesting Features!

As mentioned on our cover-page, we'll be utilising the amazing vocal talents of the CBR Community by featuring a pre-recorded narrator with hundreds of lines based on specific in-game events (everything from founding a Religion to Nuclear detonations, each with many variables). Also on the table we have:

  • Coastal Waters -  Civs can only claim water tiles on (and adjacent) to Sea resources and coastal land.

  • Weighted City Names -  Civ VI style city-list (not fully randomised, but major cities are given a weighting).

  • Religious Settlers - Settlers bring along religion when founding cities.

  • Airbases Improvement - Workers can construct Airbase improvements which can store up to 3 Aircraft.

  • Flagship Promotion - Great Admirals gain the speed of the unit it is stacked with.

  • Faster Aircraft Animations - Aircraft operate at a higher speed for our viewing pleasure.

  • Global Warming - The amount of Factories worldwide contributes to deforestation and desertification.

  • Forts and Canals - Forts can now have up to two units per tile, and act as Canals on coastal tiles.

  • Sea Bridges - Once Steam Power is researched, workers can construct Sea Bridges on coast tiles.

  • Additional Natural Wonders - Increased amount of NWs for Geographical Balance (more Lakes and Geysers).

  • Hours and Hours of HQ Creative Commons Music - We've spent the past few weeks scouring the internet for the best quality Creative Commons music. The entire playlist will be posted when the game launches. If you would like your instrumental music to be featured in the Battle Royale - let us know!