Colonialist Legacies is a modding endeavour originally started by TPangolin and Neirai but has since grown into a community of dozens of modders striving towards producing high-quality Colonial themed custom Civilizations. Starting from relatively humble beginnings, Colonialist Legacies released their first mod in January of 2014 - the Australian Civilization, lead by the jovial Henry Parkes. Since then, many civilizations have been completed, with some being featured on sites such as PC Gamer, Kotaku and even Canadian television. Colonialist Legacies mods have become undoubtedly popular on the Steam Workshop, and none of this would be possible without the help from the amazing community and fans of the content we we produce.

Colonialist Legacies aims to simultaneously educate players about new cultures and creeds, alongside ensuring that each new custom civilization has interesting, unique and dynamic attributes that aims to make the game as fun as possible.

You can download all of our Civilizations here:

Steam Workshop   |   Civfanatics Page

Henry Parkes Leaderscreen by Ekmek, Bernie14 and Wodhann